Published On: Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

AGA Road Trip Sets Casinos as a Boon for Small Businesses

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AGA1The casino industry has emerged as one of the major sources of revenue for the US economy. There are several laws guiding and regulating gambling activities in the country. But the fact that casinos are economically beneficial is still under debate.

In the light of debates and arguments over regulation of casinos in the country, the American Gaming Association (AGA) has come to the forefront to meet its fundamental objective of promoting, lobbying, and educating on behalf of the country’s multi-billion dollar gaming industry.

Now, the association is uniquely establishing casinos as a boon for small businesses through a series of road trips.

Casinos beneficial for small businesses

Through a series of road trips starting on April 18 (Tuesday), the American Gaming Association is all set to explain how commercial and tribal casinos are beneficial for small businesses in the country. Representatives of the American Gaming Association based in Washington D.C. will meet Rep. Anthony Brown at Eastern Food Services, Laurel. The agenda of the meeting is to raise awareness of the benefits of the casino industry on small businesses and the overall economy.

The American Gaming Association released a report in February, stating that nearly 350,000 small business jobs are supported by casinos in the United States. The casinos are also a contributor of $52 billion across various employment segments, thus becoming a significant revenue-generator for the country.

Moreover, the American Gaming Association also revealed that casinos pay approximately $3 billion to small businesses for direct purchases. They also directly or indirectly generate nearly $13 billion as income from wages, benefits, tips, and salaries. The casinos in the US also generate $7 billion in the form of federal, state, and local taxes in addition to commercial taxes.

Senior officials of the association are striving to replace the cannibalizing picture of casinos with something beneficial for small businesses. They believe that casinos drive economic growth, community development, and employment in major states of the country.

The American Gaming Association also highlighted the partnership between casinos and local theaters and restaurants for complementing the offered products and services. The association is hoping that the road trips would be beneficial in creating awareness of the economic and societal benefits of casinos. AGA is also planning various presentations in different locations of the country this year. But the inclusion of the state of Nevada as a tour stop is yet to be determined by the association.

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