Published On: Mon, Jun 12th, 2017

Russian gang arrested in US on cheating casinos & organised crime

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casino2Thirty three members of an organised crime gang in the US have been charged with defrauding casinos and running illegal poker games with all but five of the accused in custody.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced last week they have charged the gang with multiple offences including using illegal devices to defraud casinos in Atlantic City and Philadelphia. The gang captured the winning numbers on multiple machines and then used sophisticated technology to predict future numbers beating the Random Number Generator implied in the electronic machines.

They are also accused of running poker games illegally and offering loans to players who lost, the gang made up mostly of Russian and Georgian nationals with the DOJ naming Razhden Shulaya as the main leader of the group. He was arrested in Las Vegas last week and is described as highly dangerous.

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