Published On: Wed, Jun 14th, 2017

Trump Administration against sports betting & gambling says Christie

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Governor Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie

He was once running against Donald Trump for the race to the White House and eventually after failing to gain support went on the side of Donald Trump in the successful nomination of the once casino owner in his bid to become President.  However in recent comments while hosting a radio show Christie expressed his beliefs that the Trump administration is against sports betting and gambling expansion.

The question that arises is how much are they against sports betting and gambling? Christie did not elaborate on this, maybe he does not know himself but this is the clearest indication that the once owner of casinos has an administration that does not support gambling.

On his co-hosted radio show Christie mentioned both the legalisation of cannabis and gambling to which he said, “I think they’re against both,” how much is not clear.

However with New Jersey again trying to get sports betting legalised in the state after many failed attempts and other states moving seriously to online gambling what would the current administration do to stop those efforts?

Certainly it is not Donald Trump who is opposed but most likely Attorney General Jeff Sessions according to gaming insiders, what if anything Sessions can do to stop online gambling and the expansion of sports betting is yet unknown.

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