Published On: Thu, Oct 26th, 2017

Trump not supporting New Jersey fight for sports betting

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Christie must have been hoping for more help from Trump on Sports Betting

Well it seems certain now that the hope (if there was any) that a Donald Trump administration would support gambling in the US is over following the action of the administration in telling Noel Francisco the Solicitor General to file a brief in support of those against expanding sports betting to New Jersey.

At present New Jersey legal team are arguing the case at the Supreme Court that takes place on the 4th December to allow the state to offer sports betting as currently only Nevada are allowed to do.

Any hope of Governor Chris Christie who supported Donald Trump for the Presidency after himself pulling out of the election will be sorely disappointed in the Trump administrations action against sports betting in New Jersey.

The NHL & NFL are strongly against expanding sports betting to other states and with the Presidents Administration no opposing it, although not putting the killer blow to the hearing it is not helping that President Trump does not support New Jersey and Christie in their decade long fight to get sports betting for its ailing casino industry.

It was only just before Trump won the Presidency that he stated he thought it a good idea for all those involved to get together and have a discussion on expanding sports betting. Was that just to keep Chris Christie happy at the time? It seems it as now he has made it clear there is not support from the White House for New Jersey’s fight for sports betting.

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