Published On: Thu, Dec 21st, 2017

Macau Government Commissions Two Studies For the Development of the Gaming Sector

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According to a report published by a local media house, the Economic Bureau of Macau revealed that the government has recently commissioned a total of two studies to look into the development of the gaming sector in the region between 2020 and 2030. The head of Macau’s Economic Development Council’s Policy research Unit and an associate professor at the University of Macau, Davis Fong Ka Chio had revealed the news about the commissioning of one of the two studies two weeks back.
As per the report from the Economic Bureau to the local media house, the two studies that have been commissioned by the Macau Government will each deal with the issue of ‘moderate scale’ with respect to the gaming sector in the region. While one of the studies would be associated with the social and economic implications of the gaming sector development in the city, the other would focus primarily on a healthy development and regional competition of the gaming industry in Macau. It was also revealed that both the commissioned studies are likely to be wrapped up by the third quarter next year.
Back in May 2016, the Macau Government with the help of Davis Fong had published a mid term review that focused on the then status of the local gaming industry in the region. The Chinese version of the mid term review comprised a total of 254 pages. A majority of the industry experts speculated that the review might be able to shed light on the current situation of the industry post the expiry of concessions. However, contrary to their belief, the document focused more on whether or not will the current concessionaires be permitted to continue their operations in the domestic market once their rights expire. The legal framework in the region requires the concessionaire to undergo a fresh public tender process as soon as their rights have expired.
According to the report, the Economic Bureau of Macau also revealed that the two studies have been commissioned by the Macau University of Science and Technology and the University of Macau. One of the two studies has been named as “Quantitative Analysis on Exploring the Moderate Scale of the Gaming Industry (2020-2030) from Macao’s Social and Economic Aspects”. The other one is titled Quantitative Analysis on Exploring the Moderate Scale of the Gaming Industry (2020-2030) from the Perspectives of the Industry’s Healthy development and regional competition.

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