Published On: Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

Atlantic City Eager for Legalization of Sports Betting

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Philadelphia Eagles has always been a favorite of New Jersey and Atlantic City. And now that the team is a part of the Super Bowl league, the gambling resort is resenting the fact that it could have added several million dollars if it were offering sports betting.


New Jersey has challenged a law that prohibits sports wagering in all states, except for a select four. The Supreme Court would be taking a decision on this challenge at a later time this year.


However, this decision is not going to come soon enough for the Atlantic City to benefit from the betting done by loyal Eagles fans, who would be willing to place bets on the upcoming February 4 Patriots-Eagles championship.


Tony Rodio, an Eagles fan and Tropicana President, is of the opinion that sports betting will help generate plenty of fresh business in Atlantic City. He added that the northeast was a massive sports wagering market and if the Eagles were picked up and added to the mix, the stakes were going to be skyrocketing high. It would take sports gambling to an entirely new level.


Unfortunately, this season will not be able to experience the potential excitement of betting on the Eagles championship. It is likely that the ruling of the Supreme Court will come only after June. According to legal analysts, there is a fair chance of New Jersey coming out victorious in the case. This will result in sports betting becoming legal within the state or throughout the country.


Marty Small is a city councilman and an Eagles fan who takes a flight to watch an Eagles game every year. According to Small, people would have definitely booked each vacant hotel room weeks ahead in the excitement of watching as well as betting on their favorite team playing in AC.


He predicts that it would be a total sell-out scene in the city. There is no denying the fact that Super Bowl is the most awaited party each year. It would come as no surprise if people came from far and near to secure their place at the Atlantic City party. Small believes that they are missing a significant chance this year.


Analysts are convinced that if sports gambling were to be legalized, a huge audience would be drawn towards Atlantic City and engage in sports betting, whether or not the Eagles were playing in a match.

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