Published On: Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

What Former Revel Customers Want in the New Atlantic City Casino

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The Revel casino in Atlantic City had to be shut down within two years of its operations due to various reasons. These included massive debt, a basic misunderstanding of the main clientele and a choking casino market.


Bruce Deifik, a developer from Colorado, has paid a massive amount to former owner, Glenn Straub and bought the Boardwalk property. And now it seems like the property might have another opportunity to make its mark in the improving casino market in Atlantic City.


The former customers of Revel were surveyed by the press in order to know their expectations from the new casino property named ‘Ocean Resort Casino’. And they had lots to contribute. Several customers were dissatisfied with the layout of the casino. Originally, a huge escalator was installed at the property to take customers from the ground level to the flashy casino. However, instead of impressing the customers, it ended up annoying them. It was difficult to find a straight path to move from one part of the casino to another owing to the haphazard design of the property’s interior structure.


Revel boasted of celebrity restaurants, which attracted several loyal customers in the past. However, there were other visitors who complained about the absence of a traditional buffet at the casino. Customers now expect more affordable dining options alongside their favorite eateries. The avoidance of a buffet had been a deliberate strategy of the former Revel owner to set the property apart from other average casinos. The idea was to attract a slightly upscale market including luxury tourists, high rollers and financial professionals.


Out of the twelve other casinos in Atlantic City, Revel decided to be the sole casino to prohibit indoor smoking. This was supposed to be a marketing strategy catering to a population which is choosing to reduce smoking with each passing year. However, gamblers do not necessarily represent the city’s general population; in fact, they are likely to smoke more and would likely expect their favored casino to allow them to do so. As of now, there is no final decision on whether Ocean Resort Casino would permit indoor smoking or not.


Several customers have expressed their desire for an HQ comeback. This was the day-club and outdoor pool that had become a highly popular entertainment spot in the city and attracted a massive crowd on a daily basis.

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