A New Bill To Regulate Mobile Sports Betting in Nevada

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Slot machines have been a part of Nevada’s regulatory regime for some time now. The next activity to enter the league is mobile sports betting, which a new piece of legislation is proposing in the state. Let’s look into details here.

Nevada Senate Bill No. 73

It was on November 20 when the Nevada Senate Bill No. 73 was pre-filed on behalf of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The bill is currently under the consideration of the Senate Judiciary Committee. It will be discussed in the next legislative session, which is proposed to begin on February 4, 2019.

The legislation doesn’t seem to involve remote mobile gaming registration, but it would relax some regulations relating to mobile. The bill is expected to review the “gaming device” definition and bring mobile gaming into its purview.

Looking at some implications of the bill, it’s likely to eliminate some amount of red-tapism prevailing in the sports betting industry in Nevada. The inclusion of mobile gaming within the gaming device definition would remove additional licensure requirements for running, producing, selling, or distributing mobile gaming systems and equipment.

The changes proposed under the bill are an excellent example of how gaming regulations are evolving in Nevada. It’s a state that has set the “golden standard” for gaming regulation in the country.

The definition of “mobile gaming” remains the same

The new bill would bring mobile sports betting and live slot machines under the regulatory regime, but it doesn’t redefine “mobile gaming.” The gaming activity is still confined to casinos in Nevada equipped with about a hundred slot machines.

As per the definition of mobile gaming, these gambling games are conducted through communication devices run in an establishment that possesses a license and has at least a hundred slot machines. It’s interesting to note that Nevada distinguishes mobile gaming and online poker, stating that the latter is an “interactive gaming” activity. Nevada is called the “Silver State,” and is home to a peer-to-peer online poker platform.

What motivated the bill?

The explosion of regulated sports betting in the US after the Supreme Court’s ruling in mid-May ended the monopoly of Nevada on single-game wagering. The state’s sports betting market is growing, but sports betting dollars will increase over time.

The elimination of regulatory requirements will give a boost to mobile sports betting innovations and streamline the rules significantly. Nevada is even more likely to consider additional regulatory changes as New Jersey closes the sports betting gap in the country. We can only hope that the new bill is able to take the state’s sports betting industry a notch higher.


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