BBIN & Borussia Dortmund have officially become partners

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In June 2018, BBIN officially became the regional partner with Borussia Dortmund in Great China, sponsoring the team to have further outstanding performance in the football matches.


In recent years, Dortmund has won five championships in Bundesliga. Second only to Bayer, Dortmund has become a popular team with great hope to win the championship for many years. In addition, the past records of the team advancing to the UEFA Champions League also makes Dortmund one of the most competitive teams in the European League. The home court of the team, Signal Iduna Park, is the most visited stadium of the Bundesliga. As yellow and black have been the signature colors of the team, the stadium is completely studded with all kinds of yellow and black during the matches, which also shows the popularity of Dortmund in Germany.


The stars in the team: Mario Götze, Marco Reus, Shinji Kagawa, and Christian Pulisic, are not only the best players in the world, but also popular football stars, who attract the attention from all over the world. To mention especially, Marco Reus is the forward who leads the assault; Mario Götze is the hero who scored the winning goal for Germany to win the championship in the last FIFA World Cup. For 2018 FIFA World Cup, seven players from Dortmund will play for their country teams. We can expect to enjoy heated matches where the Dortmund players compete against each other very soon.


BBIN is a leading iGaming software supplier in Asia. We are dedicated to develop iGaming products and systems, while providing integrated platform services. BBIN has recently won and been nominated for several international awards in the industry. Meanwhile, BBIN has spared no effort in sponsoring international events, from car racing to football matches, to support potential global competitions. Most recently, we invite a world-renowned DJ to participate in an online music charity event, showing BBIN’s enthusiasm and capability in handling international events. We look forward to this partnership and expect that it will bring mutual benefits to both parties in the future. We also want to express our best wishes for Dortmund in the new match season, hoping they can defeat without limits, win the trophy and reach the top.


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