Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2018

Chinese Government Reiterates Ban on Online Ticket Sale for Lottery

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Chinese lawmakers have restated the existing ban on the online sales of the mainland’s official lottery. The news was revealed in an official press announcement that although published on Tuesday, bears the date August 8.


The statement that was made by the Ministry of Finance of China has received full-fledged support from as many as 11 other official departments of the government. According to the details mentioned in the document, the finance ministry has not yet provided its green signal to any of the local lottery sales facilities to operate their sales business online.


Back in 2015, the authorities in China had issued an order prohibiting the sales of tickets online for the two most prominent official lotteries of China namely the sports lottery and the welfare lottery. According to the order, the step was taken to facilitate more stringent surveillance by the government and to prevent the risk of fraud by the unlicensed operators. At that time, the Chinese legislators had revealed that the ban was, for the time being, issued on a temporary basis and would continue to be in effect until further notice was issued.


In their online post on the official website of China’s Ministry of Finance, the authorities made an announcement stating that the associated departments of the government have come together in the recent years to settle the problem of unauthorized lottery sales on the internet. The authorities reiterated that this had helped in improving the sales market for official lotteries in the country.


The post further revealed that despite sincere efforts by the government to curb the problem, unauthorized, illegal sales of lottery through the various internet channels is still prevalent in many parts of the country. The unauthorized sales are detrimental to the healthy growth and development of the lottery business around the country. Certain departments of the Chinese government that are attributed with the task of overseeing public security, information technology, and banking also came out and endorsed the aforementioned statement released by the government.


In addition to this, the announcement also outlined the details of the available sanctions that would be put into force against someone who is found guilty of selling lottery tickets online. In extreme cases, the government might take suitable action to blacklist or shut down such websites in the country.

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