Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2018

Crown Casino Threatened With License Suspension Over Poker Machines

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Crown Casino could have its license suspended following the gaming regulator The Victorian Commission for Gambling said the casino had tampered with its poker machines.

It is alleged that the operator removed the option of 17 poker machines for some play functions in a trial last year between March and April 2017.

The Commission says the operator should have sought permission for this prior to the trial however Crown argues that it did not need permission.

In a statement Crown said: “The commission’s view is that the trial involved varying a gaming machine type and certain games in a manner that required the commission’s prior approval,” it said. “Crown Melbourne has recently provided a detailed submission of its position to the commission, which Crown Melbourne understands the commission’s currently considering.”

However the Commission said in its own statement that they had started: “disciplinary proceedings against the casino operator”.

Following on the Commission said: “These proceedings relate to the use of blanking of buttons on certain electronic gaming machines on the casino floor,” a short statement from the commission said. “An investigation into this matter was already underway prior to the claims being tabled in parliament.”

No indication of when or if the Commission will announce its final decision but certainly if any action against Crown is taken the company will take it to a higher legal standing.

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