Published On: Tue, Jun 26th, 2018

Dutch Senate Set to Debate Online Gambling Bill in October

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No operators so far have applied for a license

A gambling bill that has been delayed for quite a long time in the Netherlands has finally been revived by the Dutch Minister for Legal Protection, Sander Dekker. The minister has elaborated on his plan for the legalization of online gambling to the Lower House of Legislature.


The bill called the Remote Gaming Bill came into play in 2013. In 2016, the bill was passed by the Lower House of Legislature, and the final phase will involve a debate in the Senate.


The Dutch Government, keeping the youth in mind and also in an effort to reduce gambling addiction, will be separating games and games of chance. In order to achieve this, gambling products will undergo a risk analysis where the likelihood of addiction will be analyzed. The products will then be released to the market as per the statements made by the government.


The Dutch government is planning to open its market for international operators. The government requires that all non-European Union members set up a physical office in the Netherlands in order to obtain a legal gaming license approved by the Dutch government. In addition, such members are also required to spend 0.25 percent of their revenue to fund gambling addiction treatments.


The members will also need to find a local representative in the addiction prevention arena. This is because communication between international operators and local healthcare systems can prove to be difficult. This communication is essential to reduce the risk of gambling addiction among citizens.

A local representative will help in carrying out the communication in a smooth and efficient manner.


The bill is expected to receive a fair hearing in the Senate, especially since it has gone through hoops to get to this point. The bill will be discussed at the Senate in October this year, and if the bill is passed, licensed operations for online betting will officially be opened in July 2019.


This being said, people fear that the bill has a chance of being rejected based on two factors. One is the fact that it may give rise to a debate over the matter of advertising for gambling. The other is that online operators may not be eligible for obtaining a gaming license in the Netherlands as a result of a motion that was passed in the Lower House of Legislature back in 2011.


Authorities and gaming operators are eagerly waiting for the final decision which will decide the future of online betting in the Netherlands.

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