India Set to Cross the Billion Dollar Mark in the Global Mobile Gaming Industry by 2020

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The sixth largest economy in the world, the Indian subcontinent is one of the Top 5 gaming crazy countries in the world today. A testament to this fact is the amazing growth the nascent Indian gaming industry has experienced over the past few years.


According to a study conducted by consultancy Counterpoint Research, there are 650 million mobile users in India, 350 million of whom exclusively use smartphones. This high smartphone adoption rate, coupled with the advancements companies like Asus, Nvidia, and ATI are making in the gaming arena, are major contributors to the staggering growth in the number of game downloads that come from India.


Another factor that is contributing to the increase in mobile gaming in India is the launch of home-grown networks like Reliance Jio, which offer data at highly-competitive prices, but without the speed issues that plague other networks. Today, the average Indian uses approximately 1.4GB of data per day. Reports indicate that by 2021, networks like Reliance Jio will allow data consumption of up to 7GB per-person-per-day, further increasing the number of gamers to 301 million (from the 120 million of 2016). Add to this plans that the American content delivery network Akamai Technologies has for India. The company is currently partnered with companies like Sony, Microsoft, Reliance, and Games2Win amongst others in a move to help develop gaming channels for the Indian market with reduced load times and minimized security concerns.


A third factor that is contributing to the phenomenal growth of the Indian mobile gaming industry is the development of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality-enabled games. The introduction of Freemium games- freely downloadable games that offer in-app purchases- has also made a mark on the burgeoning Indian mobile gaming market.


Then there’s the role that investors play. 2017 trends indicated a change in gaming preference from single-player games to multi-player ones. Currently, games like Ludo King reign supreme in the Indian market. This has become a fertile investment opportunity for many key players. Companies Paytm and AGTech Holdings have set up a gaming platform called Gamepind exclusively for Indian players, which offer highly social experiences in the form of group games where users can win cash prizes and coupons to retail/e-commerce stores. Unique gaming models like this are turning out to be highly lucrative in this burgeoning market.


Although it currently contributes to only $890 million (just 1% of the global gaming market), strategic developments like this have led experts to believe that India may soon be one of the biggest players in the global gaming industry.

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