Published On: Thu, May 10th, 2018

Narrow Gambling Expansion Proposed in Brazil

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One of Brazil’s top legislators has requested fellow deputies to narrow the scope of the gaming expansion bill. The legislator is suggesting that the bill should be narrowed down to only include online gambling and land-based casino operations.


At the end of last week, Rodrigo Maia, President of the Chamber of Deputies, told his legislators to focus exclusively on particular gaming options in order to boost the chances of the legislation making it through the legislative session in July. He also mentioned that a narrower bill would be easier to debate.


A continued effort


Brazil has been looking at gambling expansion for quite a few years. It is currently home to the largest gaming market in all of South America. However, anti-gambling groups and stakeholder issues have been a barrier to any form of progress with regard to the expansion plan.


However, Maia is now urging legislators to give up any further debate on slots outside casinos, lotteries, and bingo halls. The legislator wants the focus to be on online gambling and integrated resort casinos.


He spoke with tourism officials at his home district of Rio De Janeiro about presenting a project that would look at regulating online gambling and casinos. He justified the inclusion of online gambling by citing that internationally licensed gambling sites were having a negative impact on revenue by already catering to local gamblers.


Maia also cited studies to show the amount of revenue that could be generated at the state and federal levels via gambling expansion. The studies were also used to demonstrate the number of jobs that would be created as a result of the expansion. However, such studies have had a very minimal impact on Brazil’s legislators in the past.


A history of anti-gambling


Brazil has always had a troubled past with regard to gambling. In fact, last week, the country celebrated the 72nd Anniversary of a historic event in which the country closed 71 casinos. The closure resulted in the unemployment of over 50,000 people.


Brazil’s general elections are to be held on October 7th, this year. Maia is one of the people aiming to become president. If Maia were to win, it could mean that the country will see gambling expansion. However, that may not necessarily be the case, considering the current leader Michel Turner also expressed the same views on gambling expansion, but failed to keep up with his promises.

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