Ohio Lawmakers Introduce Two Sports Betting Bills

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Taking its cue from its neighbouring states that are making sincere efforts to regulate sports wagering, the state of Ohio too has now taken the big plunge by releasing two sports betting bills within its jurisdiction. Although the actual text of the bill has been left ambiguous, the legislators who issued the new regulation remarked that they needed to ‘get the ball rolling’ in the current session to ensure suitable exploration of the future of sports wagering in Ohio.


According to a report published by a local news agency, the two bills namely House Bill 714 and Senate Bill 316 have bipartisan support and were recently introduced in Ohio’s state legislature. In his statement addressing the session, the State Representative of the House bill sponsor, David Greenspan remarked that they are working hand-in-hand with the Senate as well as the House for creating a comprehensive full-fledged sports wagering bill. He reiterated that since it is a common issue and a single policy, the two chambers of the parliament will work in collaboration with each other to formulate a regulation with a major focus on the state’s economy and the best interests of Ohio’s residents.


House Bill 714


The HB 714 is essentially a partisan bill that was introduced under the sponsorship of a Westlake-based Republican named David Greenspan on July 17, 2018. While the actual text of the bill is pretty ambiguous, it is fairly indicative of the lawmakers’ intentions of addressing the concerns associated with sports betting within the state.


Senate Bill 316


The Senate bill SB 316 was introduced under the sponsorship of Republican senators Randall Gardner and John Eklund and the Democratic Senators Kenny Yuko, Joseph Schiavoni and Sean O’Brien on July 12, 2018. Just like the House Bill, the Senate bill too aims at developing and enforcing the legislation legalizing sports wagering within the state. If all goes according to the plan, sports gambling would be introduced in the Buckeye state by the summer of 2019.


According to the sponsors of the Senate Bill, O’Brien, and Eklund, the lawmakers would take sufficient time to gauge general public opinion as well as feedback from stakeholders regarding the kind of sports betting market they expect to see in Ohio in the future. O’Brien has already invested considerable time researching the sports betting bills of the other states as well as the views of the local casino and racetrack operators.

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