Published On: Thu, Jun 7th, 2018

Polish Government Criticized Regarding Online Betting Sites

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The Polish government is facing heavy criticism from a Polish trade association for the rules and regulations that make it extremely difficult for an organization to register with online sports betting operators that are Polish licensed.

The Employers of the Republic of Poland,  Pracodawcy RP issued an official letter against the Ministry of Finance claiming that the Ministry was making the development of the bookmaking market too difficult. The letter also accused the Ministry of obstructing the ability of local operators to compete against other online gambling operators that held an international license.

The Ministry is also facing flak for not taking necessary action in allowing online bookmakers with a local license to offer customers a simplified account registration.

What is the need for a simplified registration process?

The new process is quicker since it requires customers to fill in much less data than before. This means that players can fill in the data in no time, make a deposit, and start playing before the impulse to play vaporizes which is what often happens when players are made to fill in too much information.

Under the new process, complete registration will take a period of 30 days and until then withdrawals are not permitted. Local operators have for long been advocating this process, but as the 2018 FIFA World Cup draws near, local operators are realizing the urgency of the situation since business will be peaking once the world cup is officially inaugurated.

The reason local operators are campaigning for a quicker registration process is that studies have found that in most cases, players change their minds about playing when too many steps are required in the registration. Players find it easier to just abandon the whole process than spending their time on filling out forms.

Pracodawcy RP’s in-house tax expert,  Łukasz Czucharski, pointed out that frustrated players would eventually end up playing in international sites since they require a much simpler sign-up.

The tax expert also pointed out the unfairness of the fact that the Ministry had approved the simplified registration process for some operators while ignoring others.

Czucharski tried to convince the Ministry that by not approving the simplified registration process, it was not only causing harm for the local operators but also to the government since states impose a 12 percent tax on betting turnover. This could be another reason why players often tend to choose international sites.


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