State Rep for Illinois Urges Legislators to Consider Sports Betting

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The state representative for Illinois, Bob Rita, has put the word out that he wants the state lawmakers to seriously consider the future of sports betting and online gambling next year. The Blue Island Democrat announced that he will be conducting a series of sessions for achieving consensus regarding the future of daily fantasy sports, sports betting, online casino, and online poker before the next session of the legislative body. As per the report, while the first subcommittee meeting would be held on August 22, a subsequent hearing will also be conducted on October 3rd.


He further reiterated that he would need the support of the other legislators in the state to make sincere efforts of legalizing sports wagering and online gaming in Illinois. Bob remarked that through the aforementioned hearings, he wishes to determine whether or not the lawmakers in the state are inclined to seriously consider an expansion of the casino industry within their jurisdiction.


Having been appointed the chairman of the Illinois House subcommittee on Gaming, Sales, and Other Taxes back in 2013, Bob has been associated with launching numerous sincere attempts of expanding the casino gambling industry in Illinois. Back in 2014, Bob had tried to introduce a bill for legalizing selected types of online gambling, which unfortunately failed to gain any traction. According to Bob, an expansion of the casino industry in Illinois will play a critical role in addressing the concerns of deficit budget in the state and help promote its economy in a significant way.


In his statement to the local media, Bob outlined that after having invested several years of his life working with the issue of the budget deficit in Illinois, he believes that a casino expansion will essentially create endless opportunities of higher revenues, greater economic growth, and more jobs in the state.


He further added that the casino gaming landscape around the country had undergone serious transformations since he first got involved with the issue more than five years ago. Bob reasoned that he wanted to conduct the legislative hearings to acquire a greater understanding of how the aforementioned changes have unlocked an entire range of opportunities for the lawmakers in Illinois to put together strategies that would help strengthen their economy and cover their budgetary requirements.

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