Swiss Gaming Act to Legalize Online Gambling in Switzerland Next Year

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According to recent reports the government in Switzerland is all set to legalize online gambling in the country through the Swiss Gaming Act that will come into effect from January 1, 2019. The Swiss Gaming Act will also ban unlicensed foreign websites from operating in Switzerland from July 2019.


After being approved by referendum last summer, the implementation of the new Swiss Gaming Act has now also been confirmed by the country’s Federal Council. The report further stated that the Swiss Federal Council, which is the executive bench of the country’s government, has provided its approval for the enactment of the country’s new gambling law come next year.


Back in June, a large number of voters across Switzerland had provided their thumbs up to the new measures outlined in the Swiss Gaming Act in the national referendum. According to the voting results, an impressive 73% of the electorate stood in support of the introduction of the new legislation.


In accordance with the stipulates of the new gaming laws, license applications for gaming in the country will be considered by the Federal Council over the first half of next year. The Council also has plans of issuing all the licenses to the chosen gaming operators before July 1, 2019, when the blocking measures will be enforced by the law.


As per the stipulates of the new gambling law, all the operators holding legal licenses will now be able to offer a plethora of new gaming services such as roulette and poker. However, the operators will be required to also comply with the strict measures that have been defined in the law for setting up the maximum sums for raffles, small lotteries, and poker tournaments.


According to the new gaming law called the Geldspielgesetz, the maximum single-entry fee for all the small tournaments will be CHF200. In addition to this, the upper limit on the total entry fees has been set at CHF20,000. The limits for all raffles and lotteries will be determined according to the size of the lottery.


The new Swiss Gaming laws will be adopted by the government of Switzerland in a bid to control the problem of gambling addiction and will be applicable to all lottery companies as well as casino operators. According to the Federal Council, these ‘concrete measures’ are being adopted by the government in order to protect the players in the country from the harmful effects of gambling.




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