Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018

Swiss Nationals Vote To Block Overseas Online Gambling Companies

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Voters in Switzerland went to the polls on Sunday 10th June and voted in favour of the country blocking international online gambling sites from offering their services to locals.

The result of the vote came in at 72.9% in favour of blocking non-Swiss operators which saw around 30% of the country vote.

However the result gives the Swiss Government the power now to block all non resident operators in the country and only casino operators based in Switzerland and online operators based there also.

It is a huge win for those operators as a recent study found that Swiss nationals gamble some 250 million Swiss francs with overseas operators every year.

Opponents say it restricts the rights of those wishing to play with other companies but those in support say it is the same model as the US where only those operators based in each state are allowed to offer online gambling.

Also those in support of blocking non-resident operators say that gambling addiction was getting out of control with a study from Addiction Switzerland saying that out of a population of 8.3 million some 75,000 have gambling related issues.

The law will come into effect next year but is not clear so far on whether non-resident suppliers of online gambling can offer their services to resident operators.

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