Treasure Bay Casino Plans for Big Expansion

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The Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi is looking to make major changes as it gears up to welcome sports betting. The facility will soon be undergoing a 3-phase expansion project. An initial assessment of the master plan submitted by the resort’s management will be carried out by Biloxi’s Development Review Committee this week.


According to Susan Varnes, the casino’s General Manager, the first phase of the expansion project will involve constructing new surface parking at the casino’s western side. An additional 4 acres of land will be purchased to get the work started. It is believed that further expansion won’t occur until the construction of the new surface parking is complete.


Phase 2 of the expansion project will involve the construction of a parking garage on the casino’s eastside, which is where the current surface parking is located.


The third phase of the expansion plan will involve expanding the gaming space on the second floor. The expanded space will be used to accommodate additional tables and slots, along with additional restaurants. According to Varnes, the existing second-floor casino will be extended all the way to the parking lot, resulting in the creation of an extra 10,000 square feet of space on the east side.


Investment unknown


The overall cost of the project remains unknown since the design for the expansion plan still remains incomplete. However, Varnes is hoping that the first phase of the project will reach completion at least by the end of the 2018 or the start of 2019. As for the completion of the entire project, Varnes hopes to see it done by 2019.


Of course, the casino’s most important addition will be sports betting, which will likely have a dedicated space on the first floor.


A little history


The Treasure Bay Casino, located at 1980 Beach Boulevard on the Biloxi strip, sits distinctly from the other seven casinos in the city. Earlier, a pirate ship served as the resort’s casino. However, it got destroyed by Hurricane Katrina 13 years ago. This forced the casino to shift its location into the hotel until renovations were completed.


The renovated casino eventually made its debut in 2007 with over 200 new rooms and suites. The rooms and suites were constructed to offer a view of the beach and the swimming pool. Other new additions included restaurants, especially a CQ fine dining restaurant.

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