UK Government Could Ban Credit Cards

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The use of credit cards to gamble is coming under again more scrutiny following the announcement that Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright will be calling in leading gambling firms to discuss the situation.

 At present credit card use amounts to 20% of total deposits made by the estimated 9 million gamblers in the UK that play online. 

More calls are coming from anti-gambling lobbyists that the use of credit cards creates further gambling related problems.

 It was back in September 2018 that the Labour Party in the UK called for a ban on the use of Credit Cards to gamble now at last years GambleAware Conference the Minister for Sport and Civil Society Mimms Davies, also made noises around the restriction of Credit Cards to gamble with.

At the Conference Davies said, “there were increasing concerns around people gambling on credit cards and whether this should be permitted.” She went on to say that the recent review by the government on gambling has not stopped there and other possibilities on restrictions are most likely.

Also in September last year Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party said, gambling had become a major concern and he referred to it as an “epidemic” and “public health emergency.” The deputy opposition leader believes that existing gambling regulations aren’t tough enough and need to be revised including the use of Credit Cards.

It was back in 2007 when Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair brought in new legislation relaxing gambling laws and the use of Credit Cards as one of those restrictions.

Either credit cards will be banned or the gambling industry needs to show further evidence that it is trying to help gambling addiction and the dangers of it.

One gaming consultant told the iGaming Post that either the industry as a whole donates greater and further into gambling related programs to help addiction or the UK Government will impose greater sanctions such as the ban on credit cards.

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