Published On: Tue, Jun 5th, 2018

Utah Debates Whether Or Not To Legalize Sports Gambling In State

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Recently, the Supreme Court’s had ruled in favor of sports gambling in Utah. The favorable ruling is being seen as a huge victory when it comes to state’s rights by the governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, and opinion writer George Will. They see this as a silver lining for both the sports industry and the gambling industry since sports gambling is all set to be decriminalized soon.

Sports gambling is expected to bring great revenue into the states and casinos located in North America. In fact, the positive decision by the Supreme Court has led many to believe that there will be nearly 40 states that will be offering sports gambling over the next 2 years.

Although the Supreme Court did voice a positive note for sports gambling in Utah, it will still not be among the 40 states expected to be offering sports gambling in the near future.

Sports gambling-the pros and cons

A number of officials are pressing for Utah to legalize sports gambling, simply because of the fact that if the state does not, then residents will head to other states that are currently offering sports gambling. This means that the revenue from sports gambling that should actually go to Utah goes to other states. This is an important factor to consider while making the decision to legalize sports gambling.

But if you consider economics, there is an argument that stands against legalizing sports gambling in Utah. So far, it has been found that states that have been offering regulated sports gambling are the ones in trouble economically. If Utah does decide to bring in regulated sports gambling, there is a huge chance that Utah might economically end up like the states that are in trouble at present. The economic trouble arises because in most cases, it is the ones who are struggling economically who are drawn to gambling. This is a dangerous game since those who already have a disproportionate income may find themselves knee deep in debts thus resulting in economic decline.

As of now, a number of authorities are debating the pros and cons of legalizing sports gambling in Utah. Except for the fact that Utah would be making good revenue from sports gambling, there is no other reason to legalize this form of betting in the state. Most officials are concerned about the fact that in gambling, the player, almost always loses. This could gradually lead to poverty, especially if players have a history of gambling addiction.

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