Wynn Resorts Sues New Las Vegas Resort for Copying Architectural Style

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On 21 December, hotel and casino giant Wynn Resorts Holdings filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit against a company that is building a casino worth $4 billion right across the street. The owner of Wynn states in the lawsuit that the company being sued, Resorts World Las Vegas, has copied Wynn’s architectural style so they could trick consumers into believing that they are affiliated with Wynn, a major player in the casino industry.

Resorts World Las Vegas is set to open its 87-acre, 3000-room casino, which is currently under construction, by the end of 2020.

Wynn claims that the building looks way too similar to its building designs all over the world. During the Friday filing at the Court of Nevada in Las Vegas, Wynn showed its casino design in Macau, proving that the concave building shape along with bronze glass and cream-colored horizontal lines between the windows is synonymous with their brand.

The lawsuit in detail; Wynn asks for profits

In the filing, which had a total of 17 pages, it was stated that the architectural design of the casino and hotel being built by Resorts World Las Vegas is “substantially similar” to Wynn’s registered copyrighted work, which makes Resorts World violate Wynn’s copyrights as well as the “registered and common law trade dress.”

Due to this copyright infringement, Wynn has asked that Resorts World removes all the goods and materials that constitute infringing trade dress from its upcoming hotel and casino which is to be opened in 2020, right across the street from Wynn.

In the lawsuit filed, Resorts World is accused of federal trade dress infringement, copyright infringement, federal trademark dilution, unfair competition and false designation of origin, as well as state trademark dilution, which means that the group is up against five counts. Wynn, in their lawsuit, has claimed that once opened, the Resorts World casino and hotel will like cause confusion among consumers, deceiving them and making mistakes as a result of the similar building designs.

For these reasons, Wynn Resorts Holdings wants any profits that Resorts World Las Vegas LLC makes from copying their architectural design elements. In addition, Wynn has also asked for exemplary and punitive damages.

This is not the first time Wynn has attacked another company, accusing them of copying their unique architectural design in 2012, Universal Entertainment in Japan was accused of the same. However, the case was settled for $4.2 billion back in March.



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