Australian Gambling Firms Spend 26% More On Advertising After Clampdown

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Gambling advertising in Australia has risen 26% in the current year to July 2018 even thou the government has since implemented stricter controls on when adverts can be broadcast on television.

Total spend on all types of advertising has grown to A$140 million for this year to date says Media firm AdNews, the biggest rise in advertising by gambling companies is the use of newspapers which has seen a huge rise of 121% with cinema advertising enjoying a near 84% rise and outdoor advertising jumping 60%.

It was back in March this year that the government introduced tougher regulations on when gambling firms could broadcast adverts on television, with a block on all gambling ads between 5am and 8.30pm. Also more specifically no television adverting on gambling was allowed 5 minutes before a sporting event appeared on television and 5 minutes after the event finished.

However with the restrictions gambling companies have seemed to look for other avenues to advertise, even by going back to the more traditional newspaper.

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