Published On: Mon, Mar 12th, 2018

Corruption Scandal in Japan Threatens Integrated Resorts

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Shinzo Abe the Japanese Prime Minister

A very complex corruption scandal in Japan could threaten the whole prospect of Casino Integrated Resorts in the country and bring down the current government.

Although Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is not directly involved in the scandal his government is linked with the corruption involving special favours given to an operator of a right wing elementary school which has been rumbling on for almost a year now but seems to be reaching fever point in Japan.

Only last week a key figure in the Finance Ministry took his own life which is believed to be linked with the corruption scandal and the head of the National Tax Office has resigned over the scandal.

Last week saw demonstrations in the Diet which was closed for several days because of it and this week is supposed to see the passing of the Integrated Resort Implementation Bill.

Some observers say that the corruption scandal could bring down the government if it goes any further and trigger a new election which would certainly delay if not cancel the progress of any Integrated Resorts in Japan.

There are some very nervous people watching the unfolding drama both International Operators and politicians who had hoped with the current government majority Integrated Resorts would be passed without but delay.

However should this crisis worsen for Shinzo Abe there will be louder calls for the government to stand down and threaten the whole development of Integrated Resorts.

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