Genting Still Believe in Macau License

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Chairman and CEO of Malaysian group Genting, Lim Kok Thay said that the company would very much like to acquire a license in Macau along with of course Japan.

However with Macau Thay said it would most likely not happen in Macau till 2020 when both SJM and MGM China sees their concessions expire, but the Cahairman believed that would most certainly not be possible till 2022 if they were to bid for a license on Macau.

Genting still feels excluded from Macau when they lost their application for a gaming license in Macau and are hoping that Japan will bring them more luck with their interest their for one of the three Integrated Resort licenses.

However Genting do believe they have a chance in Macau as they still have a large plot of land owned by one of their companies, that being Star Cruises. Genting has said that they plan to build a hotel there with or without gaming involved in the future.

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