Russia to bring back gambling?

Reports from Russia among gaming insiders is that the Government is considering taking measures to bring back gambling to the major Cities.

Will Russians see casinos return by end of 2012?

It has been some 3 years nearly since the close down on the 1st July 2009, making some estimated 300,000 jobless within the country. Russia’s then prime minister Vladimir Putin proposed the legislation in 2006, when president, in an apparent attempt to wipe out an immoral industry. Despite expectations of a compromise with the casinos, Putin  stood firm and closed all the casino operations down within the country.

The plan by the Government to have 4 designated regions, Primore region in Russia’s remote far east; the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad; the Altai region of Siberia; and the Azov Sea in the south. Those regions have hardly seen any development and most gamblers now use illegal operations set up around Moscow.

However from our sources within the country, whom have links to the state parliament, the Duma. Politicians quietly and actively are discussing a revision of the decree that may permit strictly regulated land gambling in the bigger cities, such as St. Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar & Moscow.

The corruption from within the law enforcement bureau has been rife towards gambling over recent years and has not stopped the continued rise of illegal dens.

How, who and when legalized gambling will return is not certain, but the iGaming Post will keep our readers informed when we receive further information.

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