12th International Gaming Awards

4th February 2019 – The Savoy Hotel London

“The International Gaming Awards is supported and enhanced by well renowned industry insiders as well as gaming clients from all tiers of the gaming world.Our online newspaper, The iGaming Post has a crystal clear and transparent vision in giving its 1000+ daily global readers an equal voice, from those playing online poker on their smartphones to those managing luxurious casinos in all parts of the world. Listening carefully to the views of gaming clients and industry professionals, we are able to recognise and celebrate the biggest and best charity event of the year with class.

The iGaming Post is an online, international, daily newspaper for the gaming industry. It strives to cover all the latest headlines, delivering them seamlessly through smartphones, laptops and tablets all day, every day. The iGaming Post prides itself in reaching out to global readers, from online poker players to the industry executives.
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INFINITY GAMING MAGAZINE is an innovative and unique business-to-business gaming magazine. As a niche, free, monthly magazine we aim to connect gaming experts with the latest industry news and events, ensuring that you’re never left out of the loop.We cover exclusive interviews with highly acclaimed international CEO’s of gaming firms. As a popular B2B publication, the magazine is also used in a pro-active way by companies who are eager to follow up prominent sales, marketing and promotional leads.

Infinity Gaming Magazine

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